Cave Locust

A natural inhabitant of the caves in the area, cave locusts are often mistaken for statues, as they blend into the common stone and spend most of their day resting.

AC 15, HD 2, MV 60, 180 flying, ATK slam (L); spit (Special)

  • Spit: Used defensively, 10' range. Coats the target in stinking spittle (unable to take actions for 1 turn.) Until the spittle is washed off, others must make a Save vs poison or be unable to stand near you.

Clockwork Doll

AC -4, HD 0 (1 hp), MV 30, ATK needle (special) Morale 12

  • Needle: The clockwork dolls can not do enough damage to hurt someone directly, but each successful needle adds a cumulative -1 penalty to their next action roll, as the needles are quite distracting.


AC 0, HD 1, MV 30, ATK Dagger (L) Morale 7

+2 morale if leader is nearby


AC 1, HD 1, MV 50, ATK Teeth (L) Morale 9


AC -6, HD 6, MV 50 flying ATK Lonsword (M) Morale 11

  • Undead Makes no noise, immune to effects that require a living creature, immune to mind-altering spells.

  • Incorporial Cannot be damaged by non-magical weapons


Dark grey skinned humanoids who walk with a slouched stance, often using their overlarge hands to climb or push off when traveling at speed. Fascinated by any object that reflect light, including well shined leather and large water pools.

During the Lawless age, the Kreck were used by many different factions as mindless footsoldiers summoned against their will from a faraway land. After the fall of their controllers, Kreck often formed small tribes and found out of the way places to hide. Tales of the atrocities performed by the Pinklings became the common folklore of most Kreck tribes and thus they are wary of most common races.

Fae-cursed who approach as leaders of the remaining party members can often negotiate with Kreck, as Krek folklore tell of many "Indomitable" fae-cursed who threw off the powers of evil.

AC -2, HD 1, MV 30, ATK Clubbing Hand (L); Thrown rocks (L) Morale 7


A 1' tall flying humanoid, with insectlike wings.

AC -6, HD 1, MV 60 flying ATK Dagger (L) Morale 7

  • Invisibility: Pixies can be invisible at will, if surprised, the Pixie is invisible 75% of the time, otherwise the pixie is invisible.

  • Fae: As a fae, Pixies are vulnerable to iron, and will actively ignore fae-cursed PCs in non-combat situations, and will attack them first when in combat.


Disgusting little blighters, only a few inches long but full of more diseases than the buy 2 get 1 free brothel.

AC -2, HD 1/2, MV 60, ATK bite (1 dmg + disease)

  • Disease: Bites have a 1 in 20 chance of infecting a disease on the PC. Diseases start to take hold in 3d6 turns, and leave the victim feverish for 1 week.

  • Pack: Groups of 5-10 rats share HP (summed together) and attack a single target each turn

  • Afraid of fire: An attack with a torch will cause the rats to flee for 1d4 rounds.