North of the borders of the Empire, but south of the Elven Kingdom of Washter, Astoria is a small coastal region.

The Empire

The Empire to the south has existed for centuries, power passed down the family line. Until recently the Empire was a kind and prosperous place. Recently, the former emperor died, leaving the kingdom to his nephew. A capricious and zealous man, the new Emperor adheres to a formerly niche faith, worshiping Tross, the Destroyer of Evil. Tross is most often worshiped by the wandering tribes south of the empire, but his influence has grown in recent years. The tenants of Tross dictate that humans are the superior race, and that the demihumans act to undermine the power of man.

The Crusade

Wielding his newfound power like a scythe, the emperor has decried all demihumans to be traitors, to be killed on sight and rewards given to those that do so. Naturally, rebellion sprouted throughout the empire, most often born in the house of the Holy Family, the most common religion in the northern parts of the empire. For a time, the militias of the Family fought the Empire, which only grew the emperors ire. Now, worship of the Family is also treason, and thus the northern exodus has begun.

The Holy Family

The Holy Family are a trio of deities, often depicted as a Mother & Father holding a newborn babe. The mother is prayed to for matters of growth, healing, the land, and matters of the home, while the father commands matters of battle, protection, and the sea. The babe, often referred to as the Child, and given no gender, wields luck and fate in equal measure, being that which could become anything.

The Exodus

Refugees fleeing to the north of the empire have three possibilities, entering Washter, the Kingdom of the Elves, hiding in the untamed wilds or trying their luck in Astoria. Washter has opened it’s borders to refugees, provided that they adhere to the strict social structure of the kingdom, starting from the bottommost ranks. Few non-elves will live long enough to leave the lowest classes, and many elven families left Washter decades ago to escape it’s rigid structure.


Until recently, Astoria was an abandoned, desolate kingdom. Ancient treaties held the land as sovereign, but it was the kingdom out outlaws for almost a century. Recently an heir to the Astor line has reclaimed parts of Astoria, and when the Empires crusade began, opened his kingdom to any who would aid in its reconstruction. You have chosen Astoria, where you have a chance at true freedom.