Characters have 7 primary attributes. At character creation, these are generated by rolling 3d6. The first 6 are static, and only change at specified times. The 7th, Luck, is flexible and will change regularly, sometimes several times a session.


Roll under Strength to open doors, tear apart chains, or climb a cliff. The number of items a character can carry is determined by their Strength score. The damage a character inflicts in melee combat is modified by their Strength bonus.


Roll under Dexterity to dodge traps, leap over obstacles, or perform delicate tasks under pressure. Characters with high Dexterity can use their Dexterity to avoid attacks, rather than their armor.


Roll under Constitution to resist cold, disease, fatigue, drowning, and poison. A character’s Hit Points are based on their Constitution.


Roll under Intelligence to solve difficult puzzles, read obscure texts, or identify items and treasure.


Roll under Wisdom to see through lies, spot hidden dangers, and avoid mind-altering spells. Characters will also use Wisdom to determine the order of combat.


Roll under Charisma to flatter, beguile, or barter.


When fate does you dirty, luck can sometimes be used to avoid the worst of it. You may spend a point of luck to reroll a check, and you gain 1 luck each time you level up. You may also gain luck in other ways, per the referee.

Secondary Attributes

These attributes are derived from the primary ones (hence secondary.) It’s often smart to write these down as well, since they don’t change often, and it’s easier to write it down now than recalculate every time you need one. If you do, you’ll often find yourself taking note of your calculation anyway, so what’s the point?


Starts at 11. Increases with Level. Roll under Attack, opposed by the enemy’s Defense to hit.


Dexterity OR Armor. A shield can grant an additional +1 to your defense, as well as be used to prevent damage dealt to you. See the armor rules for specifics.


Dexterity - Filled Inventory Slots. Roll stealth when trying to go unnoticed.