The Jug & Dragon (Inn & Tavern)

Run by Zenon, the Jug & Dragon was likely once known by another name, but with no sign to be found, Zenon renovated this midsize inn and tavern, rechristening it the Jug & Dragon. More than a dozen sketches of faces (high quality ones) are pinned to the wall behind the bar, indicating people not allowed in. Zenon has a perfect memory for faces, and an artists eye. Those who break his rules are put up on the wall, and are not allowed in until he deems that they have paid their penance.

The Volunteers (Guard & Militia)

Made up mostly of adolescents, the volunteers are anything but. Each owes a debt to the town in one way or another, and are paying their debt with guard duty. Most are actually quite keen on their duty, as any lapse will restart their sentence, and some have been paying back a 3 month debt for years.

Notable NPCs

Lord Daniel Astor (Acting Mayor)

Daniel is a tall man with olive skin and a winning smile. He’s often found doing manual labor with "his people," but can just as often be caught staring at the great keep that is his birthright.

Elwell Cloutt (Resource Manager)

A bronze skinned older gentleman of average height, with deep worry lines in his oval face, mulls over the recordbook chained to his hip.

Elwell is the oldest of Lord Astor’s retinue. A close friend of Daniel’s grandfather, he cared for the boy after his mother’s passing. When Daniel learned of this heritage, a fact Daniels grandfather had confided in Elwell, but not his daughter or grandson, Elwell elected to go with Daniel. He is now Daniel’s most trusted advisor, and manages the meager resources of the town.

Gwyn the Well-Fed (Priest of the Temple of the Family)

A short, stocky man, Gwyn is young, if already baldheaded priest (Mother) who followed Daniel under the guise of "spiritual guidance," but in actuality, grew bored of the mundane life as a priest, but is a bit too cowardly to adventure beyond the borders of the town.

Valentia of Vilclim (Archeologist/Historian)

A woman of average height and olive skin. She has a scar along the length of her left arm from a previous adventure. She is strong willed, but thoughtful, and takes to reading anything that can be recovered.

Maura Tulliver (Blacksmith)

Maura is a short, fair skinned woman with wild eyes and calloused hands. An off-and-on fling with Daniel had her follow him out here and take up her father’s work, becoming a talented smith, despite the limited metals.

Winfrey the Viper (Guard Master)

A tall human woman, Winfrey is the ironfisted taskmaster of the Volunteers, able to trivially take down any one of the men in town.

Zenon the Monarch (Innkeeper)

An old dwarf with a gruff face but kind eyes runs the Jug & Dragon. He got his title from the hardline rules of his inn.