Found at the bottom of Riverwatch in a hidden room, the machine stands 5 feet square and taller than a man.

On one side of the machine, likely the front, are 1 large clock face and 8 smaller clockfaces. Each face goes from 0 to 9 and have 3 hands, each one progressively smaller than the last.

On the left side of the machine are eight small hand cranks, that when cranked, tick up the smallest hands on an associated clockface. Below the clockfaces is a thin slot, about 4 inches wide and only a quarter inch high. Tucked under the machine is a small box of thin iron plates that would easily fit in the slot. Each plate is meticusly punched with a series of holes.

The right side of the machine is dominated by a large crank, some 4 feet across.

Referees can learn how the machine works here.

Big Wheel

Small Wheels