ASToR (Astoria’s Strict Tenants of Roleplaying) is a GLoG hack designed for use in the Astoria setting. If this is your first RPG, read this first, internalize it, then read this. After reading those, you should have enough background knowledge to read the rest of this, and generally be able to play.

What is a GLOG?

GLOG, or the Goblin Law of Gaming if brevity isn’t your thing is a open, cooperative rules…​ conglomerate? The GLOG community had a challenge in July of 2020 to describe the GLOG, and I’ll leave them to describe it. What matters is that GLOG is open source, well supported, and OSR, which makes it fit neatly in all my favorite boxes. The rules vary based on who’s hacking it, and it’s generally recommended that you hack it to bits.

The Social Contract

Every table will have a different social contract, but I would suggest going through Consent in Gaming with your table. Especially in mixed company, it’s important to know what is and isn’t acceptable. Because RPGs are collaborative, and take place in the mind, it’s possible for a bad experience to be really bad. Plan ahead, be safe, have fun.