You are free of your fae-curse, but the grudge you hold remains. In order to become a Cursebreaker, you must have been fae-cursed, then be uncursed.

  1. Anti-Mage, Enemy of the Fae

  2. Absorb Magic

  3. Unseen Demon, Undenyable

A. Anti-Magic

Your hatred of the Fae and their magic has granted you an innate resistance to magic. All magic-based effects are reduced by half; half damage, half duration, and half healing. You lose all magic based effects from your other templates

This also grants you a 1-in-4 chance of being invisible to any magical source, such as scrying or magical constructs.

If you carry a magical item, each day the item has a cumulative [templates]% chance of being dispelled each morning.

A. Enemy of the Fae

You get +1 to attacks and damage against the Fae folk. You also get +1 to defense and saves against Fae sources. All fae (including elves) have a -4 reaction to you.

B. Absorb Magic

Your control over your antimagic features allow you to drain the magical power from an item, returning it to it’s mundane form. This takes 1 turn and heals you [X]d4 where X is determined by the power level of the magic item. You must focus intently to use this power, and can do nothing else.

C. Unseen Demon

Your negative magical energy makes you completely invisible to magic. You cannot be scried upon, and magical effects to find or detect you fail to do so. Members of the fae can neither see nor hear you.

C. Undenyable

Magic cannot effect you, and magical items in your possession act as their mundane counterparts.