Disciples of the child get a +1 to save per 2 templates.

  1. +1 FD, Fate of the Child, 2 random spells (1-6)

  2. +1 FD, Augury, 1 chosen spell (1-6)

  3. +1 FD, 1 chosen spell (1-8)

  4. +1 FD, Blessing of the Child, 1 chosen spell (1-10)

A. Fate of the Child

Once per day, after making a check, you may choose to reroll and take the better outcome.

B. Augury

Once per hour you may briefly look into the future of your own actions. You may ask the Referee a "what happens if I…​ " question, and they must answer "Good", "Bad", "Nothing" or "Uncertain" honestly.

D. Blessing of the Child

You are a mighty ship in the river of time, and may control your outcomes beyond mortality. At the beginning of the day, roll 3 20 sided dice. You may use these rolls throughout the day as if you rolled them in the moment.


  1. Child’s Eavesdropping R: [dice] * 50' T: a point D: 1 turn E: You can see and hear things from this location as if you were standing there.

  2. Tenacity of the Child R: self T: self D: [sum] rounds E: +[dice] to Constitution and Intelligence checks.

  3. Laughter of the Child R: 50' T: one target D: [dice] rounds E: Target must make a save vs [sum] or find themselves laughing uncontrollably, unable to act beyond laughing, and possibly knee slapping.

  4. Sight of the Child R: vision T: self D: [dice] rounds E: you see the shadows of past, present and future actions within your field of vision. This means that any doors or traps that move within your vision are immediately obvious, even if it’s trigger is not. Additionally illusions are penetrated, and invisible figures are visible to you.

  5. Infinite Futures of the Child R: 50' T: one target D: instant E: The target sees all their possible futures, each ending with their death, dealing [dice]d6 psychic damage.

  6. Children’s Rumors R: 100 miles T: one target well known by the caster. D: instant E: You whisper a single sentence message to the intended target, and through the spread of rumor, the message arrives to it’s recipient in a mysterious way. This could include being found as a note on a desk only the target sees, or whispered by an excited child who disappears as soon as the target’s back is turned. No matter how the message is delivered, the target knows who sent it.

  7. Mantle of the Child R: Self T: Self D:[sum] rounds E: For the duration, you cannot be attacked.

  8. ** TODO: Child 8

  9. ** TODO: Child 9

  10. ** TODO: Child 10

Faith Dice & Spells

Classes that gain their magic from an external force, rather than their internal power use Faith Dice for casting.

Faith Dice start as d8s and can be used interchangeably with Magic Dice, however Faith Dice change size based on the cleric.

When a Faith die is rolled to cast spells, it is ignored for the sake of corruptions and dooms, but if a 7 or higher is rolled, the die does not affect the spell (treat it as if it hadn’t been rolled) but is restored to the pool.


As long as a faith caster generally follows the strictures of their deity, they have d8 faith dice, but should they begin to fall from grace, that die can be increased to a d10, then a d12. These can be reduced back to d8 with proper adherence to stricture, or by doing a great deed in the name of their deity. Lesser deeds that are in the deities interest can cause FD to be reduced by one size for that given attempt.

If the faith caster turns from their deity, they lose these templates and may gain new templates through regular levelups, unless they preform a great deed in the name of their spurned deity.