Disciples of the Father get a +1 to attack per 2 templates.

  1. +1 FD, Condemnation of the Father, 2 random spells (1-6)

  2. +1 FD, Smite, 1 chosen spell (1-6)

  3. +1 FD, 1 chosen spell (1-8)

  4. +1 FD, Blessing of the Father, 1 chosen spell (1-10)

A. Condemnation of the Father

You may condemn those unholy to the Family, or who are acting against the will of the Family. All who you designate within seeing or hearing range feel your condemnation. Each condemned creature must make a morale save at -[templates] or be forced to flee. Truly unholy things always flee, but if they fail their morale check they are instead destroyed by divine wrath.

B. Smite

You may declare a smiting attack against that which is unholy or acting against the will of the Family. When you do so, your attack increases by +[templates] and deals +[templates] damage.

D. Blessing of the Father

You have become a holy warrior in the image of the Father. Those of the faith, or working in it’s interest gain a +4 to save and morale when in your presence. Those acting against the faith, or the unholy get a -4 to save and morale when in your presence.


  1. Might of the Father R: self T: self D: [sum] rounds E: Add +[dice] to all strength and dexterity checks.

  2. Order of the Father R: Hearing T: a target D: 1 round E: Target saves against [sum] or must obey a 1-word command you give. If you invest at least 4 dice, the command must be obeyed for 1d3+1 rounds.

  3. Father’s Resolve R: sight T: self D: [sum] rounds E: All allies who can see you get +2 to Morale and Saves

  4. Blade of the Father T: Your weapon D: [sum] rounds E: For the duration, you get a free attack against any foe who harms an ally, and foes hit must make a morale check.

  5. Father’s Repremand R: Touch T: a target D:[dice] rounds E: The target falls to the ground in pain, and must take [sum] damage each turn if they make any action other than writhe in pain.

  6. Father’s Bounty R: Touch T: none D: 1 hour E: Create [sum] rations of nutritious food. After 1 hour the food disappears, but any who ate from it are still nourished.

  7. Mantle of the Father R: Self T: Self D:[sum] rounds E: You get +[dice] to hit and damage.

  8. 8 TODO: Father 8

  9. Father’s Light R: Self T: 30' sphere D: sum rounds E: The target area is light up with bright light. Illusions within the light are hidden for the duration, and invisible things inside the light are highlighted as if they were not invisible. Lies cannot be told within the sphere.

  10. 10 TODO: Father 10

Faith Dice & Spells

Classes that gain their magic from an external force, rather than their internal power use Faith Dice for casting.

Faith Dice start as d8s and can be used interchangeably with Magic Dice, however Faith Dice change size based on the cleric.

When a Faith die is rolled to cast spells, it is ignored for the sake of corruptions and dooms, but if a 7 or higher is rolled, the die does not affect the spell (treat it as if it hadn’t been rolled) but is restored to the pool.


As long as a faith caster generally follows the strictures of their deity, they have d8 faith dice, but should they begin to fall from grace, that die can be increased to a d10, then a d12. These can be reduced back to d8 with proper adherence to stricture, or by doing a great deed in the name of their deity. Lesser deeds that are in the deities interest can cause FD to be reduced by one size for that given attempt.

If the faith caster turns from their deity, they lose these templates and may gain new templates through regular levelups, unless they preform a great deed in the name of their spurned deity.