Rangers get +1 stealth for each template they have.

  1. Animal Companion & Tracking

  2. Wildmaster & Foe Slayer

  3. Trophies & In Tune With Nature

  4. Shadow

A. Animal Companion

You gain a loyal companion with the following attributes:

AC +2, HD 1, MV 50, ATK Natural weapon (L) Morale 9

You may command this animal as a free action, and it always acts when you act. If your companion dies or is lost, you may replace it after 1 week of working with another animal.

A. Tracking

Whenever you come across signs of an encounter, you can follow them as if they were a trail. Once aware of an encounters presence (through tracks or fleeing) you can no longer be surprised by that encounter for that day.

B. Wildmaster

Your knowledge of the wilds has it’s own level, which can never be more than [templates]. Every day you spend in a specific non-city terrain, that terrain gains one ascension point. Whenever it ascends, you gain one of the following bonuses:

  • +1 to tracking

  • +1 to party stealth

  • Foraging produces double rations

  • You may choose to increase or decrease random encounter chances (to either 1 or 3 times per watch)

B. Foe Slayer

You become intimately familiar with certain kinds of enemies, and have a level for that familiarity, which can never be more than [templates]. Whenever you kill an enemy, you get an ascension point for that type of enemies. Whenever it ascends, you gain one of the following bonuses against that type of monster:

  • +1 to Attack

  • +1 to checks against special abilities

  • +1 to Defense

  • Roll damage twice and take higher value

  • Increase crit range by 1

C. Trophies

Every time you kill a monster with level greater than your level + trophies, you can take a trophy. Each trophy fills 1 inventory slot and grants a stacking +1 to defense.

C. In Tune With Nature

You can communicate, on a simple level, with any animal, and know it’s current emotion, as well as vague ideas about the direction of things it’s afraid of, or similar information.

D. Shadow

Whenever tracking, you are able to get within bowshot of the enemy before they get a chance to notice you.

You deal double damage against enemies who are unaware of you.

When sneaking, you leave no trail, even if you fail to be quiet.