1. +1 MD, Cantrips, 3 random spells

  2. +1 MD, 2 random spells

  3. +1 MD, 2 random spells

  4. +2 MD, Signature Spell, 2 random spells

A. Cantrips

A sorcerer’s innate magic allows them to preform simple magic feats, such as grooming, minor illusions, lighting fires, ect. at will

D. Signature Spell

You may choose 1 spell that you know so well that you are always able to cast it, even when all resources are exhausted. Whenever you cast this spell, add 1 MD to the casting. You may cast this spell with 0 MD.


  1. Brown Note R: Self T: All hearing creatures in 20' radius D: [sum] rounds E: Save vs [sum]+[dice] or shit self (+4 to save if you’ve heard this spell before). Stunned for 1 round, half speed for duration.

  2. Clear Path R: [dice]x100' T: area E: An invisible force clears the directed path. Light debris is pushed aside, tripwires or pressure plates are triggered, small beings are knocked prone. The path is [dice]x10' wide. If this spell is cast with 3 or more [dice] the range becomes [sum]x100'

  3. Light Ablaze R: 100' T: [Sum] creatures or objects E: Target must save vs [sum]+[dice] or catch fire. This spell can be focused well enough to light a single candle, provided the wick is visible.

  4. Magic Missile R: 200' T: Creature E: Target takes [sum] + [dice] damage.

  5. Remove Affliction R: Touch T: 1 target E: Cures one affliction, provided it was inflicted by a source of equal or lesser [dice].

  6. Trifurcate Arms R: Self D: [sum] rounds E: You triple the number of arms you have, each pair of arms can wield weapons independently, and get their own attacks. You get +2 to strength and -2 to initiative.