Tacticians gain +1 on Wisdom checks for initiative for each template they have

  1. Threat Assessment & Tactic

  2. Switch & Scarred

  3. Spot Opportunity

  4. Spot Weakness & Mentor

A. Threat Assessment

For every 10 minutes looking at or 1 round fighting a creature, you can learn one of the following facts:

  • HD

  • Mundane attack count

  • Mundane attack damage

  • Resistances (requires B)

  • Weaknesses (requires B)

  • Special attack existence (requires C)

  • Special attack effects (requires C)

  • Special attack damage (requires C)

A. Tactic

As an action, you may have another willing ally attack a target of your choice. This is always a basic attack.

B. Switch

When you move, you may choose a willing ally within range. You move into that allies position, and they move to yours. This does not trigger any on-move reactions.

B. Scarred

Whenever you take a Scar, in addition to taking a permanent penalty, take a permanent bonus of similar weight based on the lesson you learned from the scar. When you gain this ability, you may retroactively apply it to any scars you’ve gained in the past.

C. Spot Opportunity

Whenever your party rolls initiative, a random PC (including yourself) gets an opportunity against a random enemy. The opportunity gives the random PC +2 Attack, +2 Damage, and +2 to overcome the target’s Save (if applicable). This opportunity lasts until the end of the round.

D. Spot Weakness

As a standard action, you may observe a creature fight and then make an Intelligence check. If you succeed, the next time you deal damage to that creature, you deal +1d12 damage (once).

This ability also has a use outside of combat. If you succeed on an Int check, you can learn an NPC’s weakness, secret shame, or greatest fear (Referee’s choice).