Astoria is my quarantine project brought to life. At first I thought I was simply a "Forever DM," cursed to always play with groups of newer players, never to take up the sword myself. This last few months has taught me something else entirely. I’m not a DM by coincidence, I’m a DM because I couldn’t be anything else. My spirit craves a world to shape, players to experience that world, and most importantly an community to share that world with.

Astoria is that world for me, one singular world I can build and share over and over. Going will be slow, but my world consists of 3 fundamentals:

  • The hexcrawl of Astoria.

  • The megadungeon known as the Astorian Keep.

  • The reburgeoning city of Port Astoria.

With these pieces, I hope to produce more content that can ever be played at my table alone, and that extra content pass into the hands of the community. To that end I’ve decided to make a GLOG hack to be my foundational rule system (you’ll find it under the rules link in the top bar.) It’s ease of use and spirit of unending hackability echo the spirit of what I want Astoria to be.

Please join me on this journey, I’ve made a discord group, a subreddit, and this blog has an RSS feed. I’m a strong proponent of open source, so this blog, and all of Astoria is open-source and available on gitlab.