I’m not done with all of them yet, but classes are coming along nicely. Here’s some notes on each of them.


This is my catch-all class for all of the cultists. Each patron has a different spell list and aspect, but in general they’re similar. I’ll add spell tables and aspects as characters choose those classes (Looks like Irad-Maan and Aeto-Khan are getting done first.)


Since we had a curse broken last session, I’ll be doing that this week.

Disciples (Father, Mother, Child)

I’m not super happy with my disciples at the moment, but I’ll let them be and see where they go. Splitting the 3 traditional cleric archetypes was actually kinda fun, if difficult. I think the Mother is the best done of the 3 but I think players will enjoy the Father more.


This is mostly looted from Make A New Cult Every Day but it works.


My primary goal with this class was to let the fighter do interesting things during combat, rather than just "I attack" over and over. I think the Tricky skill, plus the roll-under Notches achieve that well.


This class actually started in the ghetto chat, as someone asked for a "Mad Scientist" class idea. I expanded the idea I had then, and I think I made a pretty good class.


Reused the notches technique here for the "knows the wilderness" and "hunts monsters" themes. Overall, I think it’s a bit too out-of-combat focused, but I’ll see what my party thinks.


The sorcerer was fun. Even though I don’t have a spell list, I think that it’s the most GLOG complete. My plan is to let my players add 3 spells, then I’ll add 3 spells to a pool at each level up. Then the player rolls on the complete table for their spells. This means that as the game progresses, more spells will be added to the list, and create the wild and erratic feel I want for my sorcerer.


Having a combat-strategy class was one of my initial goals. Being able to manipulate the battlefield feels fun, but it’ll need testing to ensure that it’s as fun as it looks.


Nobody’s come close to dieing, so we’ll not be working on this at the moment.